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Last Minute Charter Bus Rentals........We Are Here When You Need Us!
With one of the nations largest selection of charter buses, tour buses, shuttle buses, school buses and entertainer coach fleets, USA Bus Charter can respond on a moments notice with the bus you need anywhere in the U.S. In fact, each month clients like major airlines utilize USA Bus Charter for their fast acting response for airline diversion transportation. USA Bus Charter operates a 24 hour dispatch center based in Phoenix, Arizona. Please advise the dispatcher that you require immediate or last minute service and a representative will be contacted and your call will be directly patched to that on call manager. We can even accommodate special billing issues like last minute credits or cash payments. We know that flexibility and speed matter when you need service. Our staff are available 24/7 to assist you with your last minute charter bus and rental needs. Need a bus now? Call us! We are here to help.

Disaster Relief and Emergency Transportation
During hurricane Sandy, Katrina, Rita, Harvy and Irma, USA Bus Charter was among the first responders to evacuate people from this disaster struck region. All of our operators within 1000 miles of the affected area were put on notice and buses were dispatched which transported thousands of people out of harms way to safety. Whether it's to move patients from a hospital, employees to and from factories or volunteers to assist in rescues and rebuilding, USA Bus Charter is there. Contact us to learn more about this service at 800-979-4498, press 0 for after hours help! 

Choose Your Company Wisely, Trust USA Bus Charter
Time and time again we've heard it all. The most common call for last minute service we seem to get is when clients "don't' trust their transportation to USA Bus Charter and get stood up or cancelled on by other transportation services.Need a bus fast? Call us now.
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