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If you have received a quote from a company and you would like us to price match it, give us a call and simply provide the written quote to us in writing by email or fax. Please make sure this quote has the type of bus you are going to receive on it by year, make and model. In some cases depending on the company providing the quote to you, we may ask that you obtain verification that this company does in fact have such a vehicle to provide such as photo of the bus with their name on it or evidence of insurance showing this bus listed by year, make and model on their insurance card/certificate. These are all things as a consumer and potential customer you are entitled to see and request if you are being promised something that perhaps - may be too good to be true.

If you are working with another nationwide company we may request of you to provide the name of the actual operator who this company plans to assign your charter too. Again, there are companies operating out there on the internet who do not own or operate their own equipment and provide low prices simply to get your deposit and then increase your charter fees within days of the trip.

USA Bus Charter has the right to not attempt to meet or beat prices from competitors we know of that engage in these business practices or do not actually own and operate the vehicles being offered to you because these companies have nothing to lose by writing a quote for you and then accepting a deposit only to cancel at a later date.

Our commitment to low prices is to provide you with the winning bid for charter bus service on the same service, based on the same equipment (service for service, equipment for equipment). If we are offering a new 2012 bus and your quote is on a 2007 bus, we cannot compete nor can we provide a price match or lower price. However, we will meet or beat any price on any charter wherein you can show the above requested information in writing to us and we, USA Bus Charter has access and the ability to offer the same service on the same equipment.

Questions regarding our price matching and/or low price guarantee should be directed to our sales department by email or facsimile at; sales@usabuscharter.com or by fax at 888-467-4214.

*We reserve the right to not compete against those companies known for engaging in un-ethical business practices where we can provide proof that the company offering you the price has a history of increasing fares, raising prices or does not own and operate the bus in which they are offering to provide you.
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The USA Bus Charter Low Price Promise
Our company knows that price is important to you and your group and we will do all we can to provide you the safest, most reliable and highest quality charter experience while offering you the best price. Sometimes though, our potential clients shopping the net find super low pricing which often turns out to be a nightmare. Companies who are in business to simply quote low, take deposits and then raise the price on you later or cancel and make you fight tooth and nail for your refund. Obviously, we cannot compete with companies who business practices are less than ethical.