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Safety and Insurance....Always Comes First.
USA Bus Charter takes your safety and that of your group serious. In fact, we take it so serious that we have a complete process unlike any other nationwide network to check, verify and re-check safety status and insurance before "each and every charter". Our insurance and affiliate operations are managed by Mr. Joseph F. Testa, a seasoned veteran since 1995 in the transporation business. Mr. Testa, ensures that the more than 10,000 charter buses, limo buses, shuttle buses, school buses and specialty buses that operate for our company are in complete State and Federal compliance prior to being assigned for your charter. Each operators safety record is reviewed as often as several times a week to ensure you are receiving the finest and safest service possible. No other company that we know of in our industry is this dedicated to ensuring your group is transported reliably and safely.

The Worlds Most Precious Cargo....Your Friends, Employees, Clients & Family
USA Bus Charter can't stress enough the importance of making sure that no matter who you charter a bus from you insist on verifying you are doing business with a reputable firm. Here are some things to be leary of when looking for a charter bus company;

Let USA Bus Charter take all of the hassles, worries and concerns away. Call us today and ensure your group is riding with a licensed, safe, reliable and trustworthy company. 
  • No website
  • No live staff answering the telephone during normal business hours
  • Companies who answer the phone where the driver is the owner and they only have one bus
  • Companies who advertise online but do not post their address on their site
  • Companies who do not have 24 hour telephone support or live dispatch
  • Companies who will not provide you with a contract in writing
  • Companies who will not provide you with a certificate of insurance
  • Companies who will not provide you with the driver's name and cellular phone number before the trip
USA Bus Charter Reviews FMCSA Safety Reports For Each Charter
USDOT-FMCSA (United States Department of Transportation – Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) SafeStat: Short for Motor Carrier Safety Status Measurement System, this is an automated, data driven analysis system designed by the FMCSA. The scoring system depends on data collected and reported by state and federal agencies, which has a history of being incomplete. This is primarily due to limited resources being committed to inspection of operators. USA Bus Charter, cannot warrant the accuracy of the information provided by state and federal agencies. **Some mini buses, school buses and specialty vehicles may have lower minimum coverage requirements. All insurance coverages are held by each affiliated operator. To be listed as an additional insured with respect to thier policy, please contact our office at least 15 days prior to your charter and we will request the proper affiliate to add your group and provide you with a certificate of additional insured
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