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The Clear Choice For Charter Bus Service Anywhere in North America
While we would certainly like to believe that being the most experienced charter bus rental network in the nation is enough to convince everyone, sometimes it is just the tip of the iceberg. Let us share with you why thousands of clients choose our service each year. It may seem like alot to read but if you are really not sure of who to choose for your charter bus business.....you will after a few minutes of reading. Have questions ? Call us now...we are here to help in anyway we can.

Be A Smart Shopper - USA Bus Charter has the experience when it comes to chartering a bus. Why go it alone searching endlessly for the best buses, best service and best prices. USA Bus Charter has gathered all of that for you under one roof with our "One Call Call Does It All" system.

Safety - Our company has long standing relationships with many of our operators and we know from our years of working with them that they care about your safety. In addition, all of our affiliates carry high limits of insurance and must have a "Satisfactory" rating (which is the highest possible safety rating) with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Selection - With USA Bus Charter your group will never settle for the last bus available. With access to more buses in more cities than any one other service, USA Bus Charter has a HUGE selection of new and late model coaches in every city to choose from.

Contracted Services - Its all in writing. USA Bus Charter provides your group with a written contract and confirmation for each charter. Its more than just an email saying our operators will be there. Its our commitment that the service you order will be the service you receive.

Experience - The CEO of our company has 28 years of hands on experience in the charter bus rental, corporate transportation and airport shuttle business. You won't find that with any other charter bus rental network in the U.S and that is a fact !

Insurance - Need a certificate of insurance naming your group as additional insured ? No problem. Our carriers are insured by the nations leading commercial insurance providers and we will gladly provide you with the proper certificates before your charter.

Locally Owned - Each charter bus operation in every major city is locally and privately owned and operated. Who knows the local area better than our experienced and professional operators. Don't charter from someone outside the area, there is nothing better than riding with a locally operated company.

Service Staff - Because your reservation is placed directly with one of our Sr. Account Managers they are  your dedicated service staff during the charter process. This means one point of contact and not multiple people to deal with. Personal service means "one on one" customer care - always.

Value Pricing - While some might argue we are not the least expensive we are also not the most expensive. Like the old saying, "you get what you pay for" no where more than in the transportation and travel business does this hold true. Not all charter bus services and charter buses are created equally. Legal, licensed and insured operators have real expenses and in order to maintain high quality services they have to remain profitable. Our pricing structure takes into consideration all of your needs and with our national buying power we pass all available savings on to you, the end user.

Reliability - With more operators and more buses in more cities throughout the U.S. you can count on your charter being a success. We work closely with our partners to insure you receive the highest quality service possible. When we call, our operators know its time to provide the finest service. After all, we are repeat customers and you know repeat customers get the best service.

Environment Friendly Service - Many of our affiliates nationwide are operating new state of the art coaches which reduce emmissions. If you calcuate the amount of diesel fuel used to transport 47 passengers on a coach versus that same number of passengers in smaller vehicles the savings on fuel useage and polution is astonishing. Chartering a bus is the most cost effective and fuel efficent way to travel.

Stress Free Travel - USA Bus Charter maintains a 24 hour live dispatch service that can put you in touch with a manager anytime day or night. Relax, when you need us, we'll be there. In addition, we always provide you with your drivers name, cellular phone number and 24 hour local contact prior to your trip. Our superb communication ensures your satisfaction.

For the best buses and service, call us today. No other company in the U.S. that offer's nationwide service like we do has more experience at doing it. We appreciate and are ready to work hard to earn your business.

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