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Hurricane Sandy and USA Bus Charter

by Sales Department on 11/08/12

It's been a busy a few weeks handling transportation for thousands who needed it in and around the Eastern seaboard. Buses from USA Bus Charter have been transporting workers from all over the U.S. in various cities to help repair, rebuild and restore power to thousands of people.

Buses from as far South as Georgia have been mobilized to assist in the transportation of these people providing around the clock service to get them to and from the places they are needed. Our staff and our affiliates have been committed to providing the best service during this time.

USA Bus and its transportation partners were also active in providing these services during hurricane Rita and Katrina several years ago. We moved more than 10,000 people after those storms who assisted in the rebuilding.

For service in and around New Jersey, New York and all East coast states, please contact USA Bus Charter at (800)979-4498. If you are calling after hours and require emergency assistance, press (O).

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